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Departures of emigration passages

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Emigrant ship departure dates from Bremen/Bremerhaven 1834 - 1939

The data taken from the account books of the Nachweisungsbureau from 1851 to 1942 contain the names of the agency, the ship, the destination port, the captain and the number of passengers. In the missing years, only the number of passengers carried, not vessel information, is entered.

The fee per adult carried: (children paid half, infants up to 1 year were not charged)

  • Until 1872 3 groten
  • from July 1872 12.5 pfennig
  • from 1881 5 pfennig
  • from 1886 4 pfennig
  • from 1913 10 Pf for adults transported directly to the destination
  • 5 Pf for indirectly (via England) transported adults

The departure dates of other years were taken from the supplements of the Deutsche Auswanderer-Zeitung. These annual overviews were prepared by ship brokers, e.g. Carl Traub, H.Aug.Heineken and Fr.Wm.Bödeker jr. The departure dates and presumably also the arrival dates are not always exact, often ships left the port earlier. In the holdings of the Bremen State Archives, for example, port money account books, ship registers, wages books and muster lists are stored, with which further research is possible.

Source: Bremen Chamber of Commerce Library and Archive II-A.III.10.

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