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1796 Marriages on the way to America, from the ev.ref.Church in Blumenthal
1828-1876 Emigrants from Brinkum, records from the Brinkum Buergermeister Kirchhoff
1834 SHENANDOAH, Sinking in the Weser river
1844 JOHANNES, Passenger list of the sunken ship
1849 TALISMAN, warning for emigrants to California
1851 Requirements on provisions of an emigration ship
1852 Conditions of employment in engl. colonies
1853 Travel report from Gottlob Haering with the Swiss Emigratiom Ship HELVETIA to the USA (22 pages)
1854 JOHANNE, stranded near the isle of Spiekeroog, reconstructed passenger list
1854 INDIANA, Letter of complaint
1854 Immigration conditions in Canada
1854 NEW ERA, J.W. Wood from Long Branch, NJ asks for details of the sinking
1855 WILHELMINE, Letter of complaint about the passage to Australia
1858/1868 Journey description of the FANNY KIRCHNER to Sydney, Australia
1858 FANNY KIRCHNER, a Thank You for the passage to Australia
1859 Separation of male and female on emigration ships ?
1859 Passengerships coming back to Bremen
about 1860 Criticism of passage conditions to Australia
1861 Fire desaster on the GLOBUS
1868 Sinking of the FORTUNA near Galveston
1868 Content of a medical case
1869 Inquest on the crew of the JAMES FORSTER JR.
1870 50 $ Counterfeit money in Bremen
1871 Swindle and stowaways
1873 Change of gold and silver coins in Chile
1875 Destruction of the Bremen Passengerlists
1875 Emigration to Venezuela
1876 Emigration to Brazil
1885 Transport of passengers in need of help (paupers)

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