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Whoever left the Bremen territory lost his citizenship ...

  • if he resigned his citizenship or had himself dismissed from the state,
  • if he stayed abroad for a longer period of time without having applied for an extension of his
  • citizenship (prolongation),
  • if, despite renewal, he did not renew it in time or failed to pay the renewal fees.
Since the emigration certificates require citizenship, but not all Bremen residents had citizenship or applied for formal discharge (after a certain period of absence, citizenship automatically expired), this record cannot fully cover emigration from Bremen. In addition, some of the emigrants left Bremen secretly, especially those who wanted to avoid military service.

Until 1867 or 1871, foreign countries were understood to include not only non-German, but also all non-Bremen territories, e.g. Hanover and Oldenburg.

The persons named in the applications or notices are linked to the main persons concerned (usually the applicants) via the column "Bezugsperson".

The archive signature of the file is indicated in the "Source" entry. For further investigations in the state archives, the source transaction and the number of the microfilm are still required.

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