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Sources on emigration

    from "Inventory of sources on the history of migration, especially emigration,
    in Bremen archives", edited by Peter Marschalck, Bremen 1986 ,
    available from the Bremen State Archives

Bremen Passenger lists

    A joint project with the Chamber of Commerce and the Bremen State Archives.
    Lists from 1830 - 1945 were processed and more than 700,000 names were recorded.

Emigration of Bremen Citizens

    Cancellation or loss of Bürger's right for various reasons, e.g.:
    Residence abroad; to escape military duty;
    legal or illegal emigration.
    Emigration certificates for residents of Vegesack and Bremerhaven.
    Everything in the period from 1552 - 1902.

Register of Passports

    The passport registers kept by the Police Headquarters contain the surnames, first names, occupation, place of birth, place of birth, place of residence or nationality, date of birth or age, destination, date of issue and the period of validity of the passport. The entries cover the periods 1862 - 1905, 1910 - 1921, and Dec.1924 - Sep.1936 for Vegesack.
    A total of 75.445 records have been processed.

Departures of emigration passages

    From the account books of the "Nachweisungsbüreaus für Auswanderer" and from the Deutsche Auswanderer-Zeitung
    departure dates from 1834-1939 were compiled.

Lost and Found !

    Reports and documents from the archives of the Chamber of Commerce and the State Archives.
    The names of passengers appearing in these documents are contained in the online database Bremen Passengerlists.

Ship Bremen

Full-rigged ship BREMEN, with which more than 2000 emigrants left Europe.

Airplane Bremen

D1167 BREMEN, the airplane in which Köhl, Fitzmaurice and Freiherr von Hünefeld crossed the Atlantic in an east-west direction for the first time.

Spacelab - from Bremen

SPACELAB, the space laboratory built in BREMEN, with an astronaut in orbit.

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