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The Bremen sources are essentially compiled in the "Inventory of sources on the history of migration, especially emigration, in Bremen archives," edited by Peter Marschalck, Bremen 1986 (ISBN 3-925729-10-0), which is available from the Bremen State Archives.

In particular, the following can be researched in the Staatsarchiv

  • the emigration conditions in the port cities of Bremen and Bremerhaven
    (agencies, legislation, welfare, housing, health care, police)
  • the emigrant transport (shipping, port facilities, crossing conditions, statistics)
  • data on the individual emigrant ships (including ship departures, passenger numbers, crew ?members, and evidence of ship pictures)

Passenger lists and name indexes of emigrants exist for the period 1946 - 1974. Information is provided to those concerned from these lists in compliance with the protection of persons as laid down in the Bremen Archive Usage Regulations.

For the time before the Second World War, personal sources are available in the state archives about

  • Emigrants from the city state of Bremen
  • Seamen on Bremen ships
  • Brazil emigrants 1826 - 1828
  • Individual emigrants whose names appear in the files, e.g. due to complaints or misfortunes
  • Passenger lists from 1907/08 and 1913/14 from the holdings of the Federal Archives in ?Koblenz, which were returned to Bremen

Names of emigrants had been recorded since 1832 in the passenger lists of ships that shipowners had to submit to both supervisory authorities. From 1875 to 1908, these lists were destroyed at the authority as well as at the shipowners after a short period of time. Lists of names kept by the Police Headquarters since 1898 and by the Bureau of Emigrants' Records since 1905 fell victim to the bombs during the Second World War.

For the years 1920 - 1939, the passenger lists of the Bremen/Bremerhaven emigrant ships are kept in the archives of the Chamber of Commerce, which formerly housed the „Nachweisungsbureau für Auswanderer“. However, the year 1924 is almost completely missing and the years 1929, 1936 and 1937 are largely missing.

These passenger lists, as well as many of the above-mentioned sources, were recorded by members of the "MAUS", the E-Migration-Mice, and are available free of charge in our online databases. https://www.passengerlists.de

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Ship Bremen

Full-rigged ship BREMEN, with which more than 2000 emigrants left Europe.

Airplane Bremen

D1167 BREMEN, the airplane in which Köhl, Fitzmaurice and Freiherr von Hünefeld crossed the Atlantic in an east-west direction for the first time.

Spacelab - from Bremen

SPACELAB, the space laboratory built in BREMEN, with an astronaut in orbit.

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