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Details to the Lists and their Acquisition

Normally a page contains 30 lines.

Another Form, GP.1000.123. deviates in the heading:
 Record of those with steamer......
and this page contains 31 lines.

Explanations to the passenger lists:

Question marks were used as :
? = a letter is illegible and/or not clearly identifiable.
(?) = an entry is illegible or of bad quality because of either the handwriting or as a result of the list´s quality.

If the vessel is an American vessel, the word deutsches is crossed-out and replaced by american.
For travellers, mostly passengers of first and second class, and especially for US-Citizens, the word Auswanderer (emigrant) has been replaced by Reisende (travellers).

Included were also those passengers whose names were crossed out for unknown reasons.

Column 6 Certificate of discharge has never been filled out for that purpose. It is not transcribed.

Column 7 Family status:
led = single
verh = married
gesch = divorced
Ww = widow/er
Less important entries like family status for persons below the age of 16, notes like child-son-daughter-relative, and professions like none/without, are not transcribed. If for a single travelling spouse, or child, the profession of the husband/father is indicated, it has been carried forward.

Occasionally missing numbers in the computer-lists indicate that there are no entries shown in that line. Numbers within the same company/agent and identical cabin class are not always in consecutive order, but run 1-30 on each page.

Passengers who are listed only with its surname while the other columns show the word priv. come under the adjustment of law for personal dataprotection.
Conforming to the Bremen Archives Law (Bremisches Archivgesetz from 07 mai 1991, BremGBl. 1991 p. 159 and Bremische Archivbenutzungsordnung from 01 march 1993, BremGBl. 1993 p. 99) the period of dataprotection terminats 90 years beyond birth, if the date of death is unknown. So all childs come under this adjustment of law

who are in the lists of192019211922192319241925192619271928ff.
younger than9 y10 y11 y12 y13 y14 y15 y16 y17 yff.

Various Nationalities of former german states (e.g. Bavaria, Wuerttemberg) have been standardized as Deutsch. For other than german nationalities the name of the nation is given in 1990s german spelling.

Entries in the column 10 (State or Province) are to avoid mix-ups of places of residence. Some entries indicate that instead the origin provinces/early german states of travellers were written down.
Original Example:

Family name Place of residence Nationality State or Province
Husband München Bayern
Spouse München Bayern Hessen

transcribed as:

Family name Place of residence Nationality State or Province
Husband München Deutsch Bayern
Spouse München Deutsch Hessen

Columns 11 & 12 (Profession & Position): They were hardly filled out separately. Accordingly, entries were consolidated as one.

Column 13 (Destination of migration): In the case of migration to the U.S.A. often places and US-states are mentioned.
For Southamerica and Australia the destination harbour or a region, i.e. Southbrasil, is written down.

A separate column has been added US-State to allow easier search.
US-states were only added if the city could clearly be identified.(Major source being used : Rand Mc.Nally Road Atlas)
Sometimes the english text see col. 11 is mentioned. In the 'List or Manifest of Alien Passengers for the USA' the column 11 is 'Place of Birth', so this means the passenger is going back home.

Places of residence / Destination of migration:
It has not been possible in all cases to clearly identify those because of individual handwriting. Transcribed is what could be read. Obvious errors were corrected. (Source is the ADAC Road Atlas Europe).

We have added another column, called Bemerkungen (Remarks)
Peoples names that were crossed out, show the remark gestrichen in this column.

Some passengers are listed twice, doppelt, due to lists of two agencies.

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